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GRASSOLER, sofás desde 1990

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  • Muelles

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  • Sewing
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¿Why is a Grassoler sofa better than others?


From the beginnings of the 60's, Grassoler began to manufacture metal frames.The extraordinary qualities of structural steel provides a very high resistance, hardness, durability and excellent behaviour to environmental variations. The laminated steel extends the life of the sofa and gives great ability to absorb blows and impacts.

Another point of great importance refers the respect and awareness of Grassoler toward the Environment. Steel can be recycled ones its initial use comes to an end.


The Suspension System

The double suspension Intelligent System® is a system which Grassoler has developed and patented. It provides the sitting for many options, you can personalize and adapt the several levels of comfort that our sofas give to your own wish. There are three different options: soft (for people who like to sit around) medium, (for people who like less softness and more support,) and firm (for people who like to sit more tight, in order to stand up from the sofa more easily).


The Guarantee

The metallic structures of our sofas ensure their solidity and durability, and we offer a 25 year guarantee on the metalicl structures (we are the only manufacturer in Spain to do this). Experience tells us, that there are many happy users of Grassoler sofas since 1960.


The Sewing

We use only 100% cotton thread for all sewn parts of the sofas, as a natural material it does not dry out. All seams are "overcast", in order to avoid unravelling of the edges of the fabric. Sometimes we use a double seam to give extra strength and avoid any bursting of the seams.


Accessibility For Cleaning

Each seat cushion lies on a thin matress of 75kg/m3 foam, which is very dense and holds its shape very well. The seat cushions and the foam layer can be easily removed which allows quick access to the floor underneath the sofa for vacuum cleaning. This feature means that all inner parts of the sofa can be accessed easily and crumbs or other debris do not gather as a result. In addition, the body of the sofa does not have to be moved to vacuum clean underneath it.


The Cushions

We use only high resistance foams of densities between 30 to 75 kg/m3 (non-contaminant and CFC free). This offer the best quality and durability and hold their shape for much longer than foams of lower densities, thereby adding to the long term comfort of the item. The antiallergic hollow fiber which we also use resists clumping and increases the overall softness for the sitting. An interior cushion cover is used in all cushions and it maintains an even distribution of the cushion filling, whilst also reducing the risks of allergic reactions and irritation.  They incorporate the wrinkle controler®, which offers the possibility of choosing between an informal look or a stretched look on the seat cushion cover.