Experience – Quality – Love

A love story for sofas

When there is extra attention and love, it shows. Both when designing the furniture and when manufacturing and selling it. That is why we like to say that Grassoler’s is much more than a story of a family business, because it has become a permanent love story for sofas.

EQL, the three pillars of our company. The perfect combination of Grassoler’s values, because they are the best paradigm of the balance you can have in the market:


Guarantee and durability as Grassoler’s DNA

At Grassoler we have been manufacturing sofa interiors in steel since 1963, the year in which we developed and patented our exclusive Intelligent System®. Steel by itself makes our sofas undeformable and resistant to the passage of time. The Intelligent System® suspension consists of an “a la carte suspension” that allows you to customize and adapt your seating by choosing the individual comfort of each sofa, achieving greater comfort. There are three possible options: soft, medium or firm.

As a result of this excellent quality, we offer a 25-year manufacturing guarantee on those models equipped with metal structures, something absolutely exceptional.


Our items contribute to create unique, comfortable and cozy spaces.

We can help you design your space with our furniture, we will propose different solutions to create a singular and unique project and thus facilitate decision-making. Thanks to our extensive experience we can recommend which type of sofas and fabrics are the most suitable for your project and provide solutions.

Throughout our history, the models we have launched have always been conceived with a design that not only brings elegance to spaces but also comfort to people.



Because life is made up of little big moments

We want to be part of your environment and accompany you in your important moments.

Each sofa we manufacture is made to bring well-being and comfort to your home, so that you can enjoy good times: total relaxation or simple rest, but also leisure and of course family or friends.


We are committed to innovation in design and the highest quality in manufacturing when it comes to produce our sofas, but there is much more behind the scenes that we want you to know.