These are the values that we have believed in for years and that we have been incorporating at different stages over time.

Besides wanting to manufacture good sofas, and the perfect combination of our EQL values, , we have also kept and cultivated for decades other values on which our company is founded and which are not only based on the good management of our products.

Since 1960 in Barcelona

As a result of the initiative of José Gras Soler, at the age of 19, Grassoler, S.A. was born in 1960 as a small business structure in premises in the center of Barcelona, which later, in 1966, was moved to the current facilities.

We design and manufacture in Spain following the highest quality standards.

We maintain a permanent search for technical advances in materials and production processes, merging them with traditional and artisan manufacturing methods. We have developed and patented a construction system with a metallic structure, which provides ergonomic comfort, as well as great strength and durability.

Made to last and sustainable with the environment

Our products are designed with environmental responsibility and social ethics in mind, with low intensive-energy manufacturing processes to achieve a sustainable and environmentally responsible process and product.

True care for the environment is not only about using recycable materials, but also about producing long life products and above all with many real and easy possibilities for repairing, replacement of parts, reconfiguration, reuse, reupholstering and spare covers.

Obviously, along with caring for the planet, we care for people, as well for people in our team as for others.

Therefore, on one side we try to facilitate all aspects of life and work-life balance for our entire team, with very flexible schedules, etc., and on the other side doing small voluntair actions to cooperate with different aid campaigns.

We are a family business and this is transferred to the team with all that this entails in terms of values, continuity, involvement, flexibility and adaptability.

We consider it important that the entire GRASSOLER team works with the customer in mind and with a culture of responsibility towards the product and service.


Grassoler products are present on all 5 continents.

The 1980s coincided with the expansion of objectives towards internationalization, exporting more than half of the production to countries in the Middle East, the American continent and Asia, where our brand is gaining strength and presence. In recent years we have grown looking abroad, with a strong commitment to globalization.


Made with Love

We are a purely family company, guided by a spirit of design, committed to quality, innovation, functionality, comfort of all our products but also, most importantly, the love for what we do.